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You Can’t Have Business Phone Systems Without Effective Structured Cabling

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Business phone systems serve as the foundation of organizations. Without them, communication with customers involves a lot of work and sometimes hours of driving. When installing quality phone systems, some companies forget the importance of data cabling. They skip it altogether or buy the cheapest option available.

At Automated Control Systems, we realize the importance of structured cabling for your business phone systems. Here’s why.

Why Structured Cabling is a Must for Business Phone Systems

Faster transmission.

Every second you leave a customer waiting is crucial. Using a structured cabling system moves data faster across your business phone systems. Using cables that slow down the speed needed to efficiently answer calls kills business. Don’t lose customers over this mistake.

Less noise.

When it comes to the structured cabling for your business phone systems, fiber optic cabling is best. It resist noise better than any other cable system. Static and background noise causes problems with phone conversations. It also corrupts data. It’s yet another reason why structured cabling is advisable and necessary.

Structured cabling

Longer runs.

Higher quality cable supports business phone systems without error. Eliminate hubs and repeaters whenever possible. You won’t need to invest in additional equipment. Just great structured cabling.

Lower cost of maintenance.

Fiber optic, Category 5e, and Category 6 cables last. If you use structured cabling and mark it, replacing bad cables is a breeze. Your tech support or IT team will thank you for being considerate of their time.

Position for growth.

Upgraded structured cabling systems support digital phone systems and the company’s data. Fast, error-free transmission of voice and data is the goal. Better quality cabling is a wise investment. It lasts longer and works more efficiently. Reduce maintenance costs, increase data transmission speeds, and improve voice quality with structured cabling.

Effective Structured Cabling for Business Phone Systems in Kansas City

Structured cabling provides efficiency, less noise, and more growth potential. Spending money now can result in lower maintenance costs and transmission times later.

ACS can install your structured cabling right. Whether you need cabling for your building automation systems or just for your business phone systems, we can see the project through.

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