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Why Use Structured Cabling?

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As a business owner or a building manager, you may have heard of structured cabling and considered how it might benefit your office. In structured cabling systems, the technological infrastructure is built on a single cable that connects multiple electronic devices, like computers and telephones. Devices are plugged into special sockets whose wires link them to the central communications hub.
Why should your business consider switching to structured cabling? Read on for more about its uses.
Kansas City | Why Use Structured Cabling

Benefits to Structured Cabling


When multiple wiring systems are replaced by a single system through structured cabling, your infrastructure is simplified and much easier to use. Employees will take to the structured cabling system quickly, as it really is as simple as plugging the device into a socket. There’s no need for specialists or technicians when devices are changed out. Your structured cabling will carry data in all formats, including video and voice. PCs, telephones, printers, fax machines, and other devices can all be connected easily. Rather than working with multiple cable infrastructures, you’ll only have one to invest in and manage.

Easily Identify & Fix Problems

If your office runs on multiple cabling networks, it can be hard to identify where issues originate. With structured cabling, your system will be unified, yet still segmented, so problems will be easier to locate and troubleshoot. Save your business the headache, lost productivity, and costs of repairing multiple cable lines and stick with structured cabling!

Low-Cost Flexibility

Any business must be able to adapt quickly. With structured cabling, you’ll be able to make changes in a matter of minutes, even if your employees are changing desks, moving departments, or your entire company is restructuring. The structured cabling system makes it easy for your employees to plug right back in and continue working. Furthermore, when your company hires new employees, they’ll be easily trained on using the structured cabling, too. Forget about lost productivity!


Structured cabling can carry high bandwidth, making it a great investment for the future. Your structured cabling system won’t be outdated in a number of years — because of its qualities it will be able to work with emerging technologies and applications. Just as it will grow with your business as you expand and develop, it will also grow with the technology that you’ll use in the future.

Ready to Invest in Structured Cabling?

ACS Electronics specializes in providing and installing structured cabling systems to help businesses work more efficiently. To learn more about our structured cabling offerings, call ACS today at (913) 248-8828.

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