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Why the Healthcare Industry is Turning to Automation Systems

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Automation systems have been a part of the banking and travel industries for years, but the health care industry lags behind the curve.

That seems to be changing as more health care networks seem to be turning to automation systems to help their facilities run smoothly and provide better quality care.

Automation Systems Advantages for Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities like hospitals are unique organizations. They exist solely to provide medical services to patients, and their facility needs are unlike any other operations. This may be why the industry has been slow to adopt automation systems. However, more administrators now understand that automation systems can mean lower costs, better patient comfort and more efficient operations.


How Automation Systems Help Hospitals

Modern automation systems give health care providers quicker, easier access to data regarding how equipment and devices are operating. Personnel who manage the facility itself have better access to statistics showing how the system is running as a whole. This gives them an opportunity to spot potential problems and propose a solution with greater speed. Facility managers also benefit from the ability to communicate with the system via tablet or smartphone regardless of their physical location.

Patients Benefit As Well

Thanks to optimized automation systems, patients are enjoying enhanced comfort and better care. The building automation system controls and monitors the heating and cooling system, ensuring optimum temperatures in every room. Humidity and pressurization can also be easily controlled with the same system, and it’s simple to program different settings dependent upon the use of any particular room. Patients benefit from improved care as well. When hospital staff use automation systems to handle routine, manual tasks, they are freed up to focus on providing one-on-one attention to their patients.

Partner With ACS for Automation Systems

Hospitals that use automation systems can expect to see a healthier bottom line. Their facilities will be more energy efficient and they likely won’t have to hire considerably more staff members, representing an enormous cost savings over time.

ACS can help any Kansas City healthcare organization implement smarter building management and automation systems. Let us help you provide top-tier services to your patients.

For more information about our building automation systems for your healthcare organization, call (913) 248-8828.

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