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What’s On the Horizon For Smart Home Systems

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Until very recently, smart homes were seen as something only the wealthy could afford because of the expertise required to install these systems. While this may still be true in regards to commercial buildings, these requirements have somewhat changed for home systems.

More Simple Technology

As it goes with any new technology, after a few generations the product will be simple and perfect for a consumer to use on their own, and without great cost. This newest generation of smart homes is less “buggy” and more straightforward, allowing for occupants to use a smartphone or tablet app to control things like lights, blinds, heat, and doors. Homeowners want to be able to more tightly control how much energy their home is using, and these new smart homes allow them to do so easily and from any location.

Integrating Sensors

With things like better voice control functions and wireless versions for retrofitting, the next step is hands-free. Gesture commands would include using sensors around a home so that someone could close a door or turn off the light from down the hall with a wave of their hand. The homes might then be able to learn multiple gestures for, then adapt to people’s schedule, and automatically activate different features.

Intelligent Energy Usage

This idea would combine solar panels with an energy storage system and a controller so that homeowners can make the best use of solar energy. An example is if you load a washing machine in the morning and go to work, it will only start once solar panels have generated enough energy to complete the washing without pulling any power from the grid. While this could mean delayed chores, it would also mean huge overall savings on bills.

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