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What is the Difference Between Building Automation & Smart Buildings?

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The interest in smart buildings and building automation has never been higher of more profitable than it is today, and the industry only seems to be growing. Although smart buildings and building automation are often used interchangeably, there are some differences between the two. Read on to learn about the differences between building automation systems and smart buildings, and how the two systems work together to create more energy-efficient and secure buildings.

Building Automation

Building automation is a system that allows for automatic and centralized control of a building’s energy systems, including heating, air conditioning, and lighting. Building automation is meant to improve the comfort of those within the building while also creating a more efficient energy use system that reduces energy consumption and operational costs.

Building automation uses computer networking systems to monitor and control the building’s various systems, from security systems to lighting, HVAC, and even building ventilation. These automated systems use information such as building occupancy, work schedules, and temperature preferences to monitor and control the various operational systems within the building. Typically, automated building systems are able to reduce energy use and maintenance costs.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings could be considered a sector of or an expansion upon building automation systems. Much like traditional automation systems, smart buildings are designed to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs by integrating a building’s various energy and security systems through one network. Smart buildings, however, tend to feature additional tools and controls. Often they allow for the building’s managers to control systems remotely through the use of a smart phone or other hand-held device. Smart buildings allow for additional connections, such as to a business’s calendar, that help them intelligently and automatically decide when to turn on the lights or run the heating in certain conference rooms. Their software systems make it easier than ever for building managers to also track energy use and see what kind of ROI they are getting on the investment.

Smart Buildings & Building Automation Working Together

Building automation and smart buildings perform best when integrated together to utilize the best of both technologies. While they are quite similar, the subtle differences discussed above help business owners decide which type of system is right for them. For more information about smart buildings and building automation system, contact the experts today at ACS in Kansas City. Call (913) 248-8828.

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