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What Goes Into Making a Smart City?

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Progressive cities like Amsterdam, Malmo and Barcelona have been named smart cities thanks to their successful deployment of smart technology. It seems clear that other cities are likely to follow suit. However, developing and integrating all of that smart technology requires a massive effort. What is required to transform a community into a smart city?

Dispersing Smart Technology on a City-Wide Basis

A smart city succeeds when it integrates information and communication technology, or ICT, into all of its assets. These assets might include the public schools, water treatment plant, waste management, mass transit systems and law enforcement among other departments. The goal of using smart technology on a city-wide basis is to improve quality of life for all citizens. This means providing more efficient services and better meeting the expectations of residents.

Define Problems

Smart technology cannot be utilized to its utmost benefit until city leaders define the problems they need to solve. Whether it’s figuring out how to get traffic moving on downtown streets or how to better ensure the safety of children in public schools, it’s important for project leaders to clearly define their goals. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get off track.

Gain Support

Smart technology needs to be accepted and supported in all sectors, public and private. The most effective city campaigns typically originate in the public sector with a progressive mayor. From there, all public departments need to be involved, and gaining the support and cooperation of business and community leaders is indispensable. It is only with a community-wide effort that smart technology can truly revolutionize a city.

Start Small

Tackling a huge obstacle all at once is simply too difficult. Break down overall goals into smaller, manageable tasks. This creates an atmosphere of success as team members achieve one step at a time.

Smart technology is expanding exponentially and becoming more vital to all aspects of our daily lives. To learn more about smart technology and building automation, contact ACS for a free consultation.

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