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What a Building Inspection Can Tell You About Your Commercial Property

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Sometimes it’s possible for a facility to carry on with business for an extended period without any emergencies arising. That can lull managers into a feeling of complacency that prevents them from uncovering a small problem before it becomes a catastrophe.

Performing a regular building inspection can change all of that.

We recommend scheduling a building inspection ahead of when industry regulations or federal or state laws require it; this will not only give you invaluable peace of mind, but also help you address problems before they balloon into larger (and more costly or potentially dangerous) issues.

Follow our building inspection tips below!

Using Building Inspection to Ensure Facility Safety

How Often Should I Schedule a Building Inspection?

Many facility managers create a complex building inspection schedule that they adhere to regularly. This may involve a weekly building inspection that checks on frequently used systems or those that have been acting up lately. A monthly building inspection takes a closer look at those systems that don’t need as much supervision, but that it’s still wise to keep tabs on.

Other building inspection tasks can be completed once or twice a year. These building inspection projects are a little like spring cleaning. They get deeply into all of the facility’s systems and may involve a thorough overhaul if one is required.

Ensuring Safety & Peak Performance

Without a doubt, having a routine building inspection schedule is the perfect way to spot potential problems before they can affect productivity and the safety of the people who work or live in the facility. While designing a building inspection program with this level of detail may seem like overkill, the reality is that these routines are essential.

When something unexpected and potentially dangerous arises, there is a great deal of peace of mind that can be gained from knowing that all systems have routinely undergone building inspection protocols. This means knowing that fire alarms are operating the way they’re supposed to and that the HVAC system isn’t on its last legs. In high pressure situations, you’ll be ready for absolutely anything.

Approach Regulatory Inspections With Peace of Mind

When managers perform their own building inspection routines, they can also rest easy in the knowledge that they are prepared for any inspections scheduled by the local government or municipality. Knowing that the facility is in compliance with all relevant codes really takes the stress out of these routine inspections.

Building Inspection Services by ACS

If you are a Kansas City area property owner concerned about an impending regulatory inspection or simply craving peace of mind regarding whether your systems are working at peak performance, ACS can provide professional building inspection services. We will evaluate your code compliance, performance of the HVAC, electrical, and mechanical systems, security systems including burglar and fire alarms and video surveillance, access control systems, and more.

To get started, contact us today at (913) 248-8828!

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