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Video Surveillance Catches Slider Thieves

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Video surveillance cameras across the nation have picked up on a startling, new trend — slider thieves. Crimes of opportunity have existed forever, but this new form of burglary has just surfaced. ACS cares about your safety, so we have done some research and provided you with the scoop about this trend and ways it can be prevented.

Slider Thieves

Just as the name suggests, slider thieves are criminals who literally slide into opportunities that are ideal for thievery. So, where is this happening and how does it unfold? Gas stations have become a hotspot for slider thieves who make their attack when you are filling up your gas tank. Although gas stations are highly trafficked areas, they are places where people have developed a false sense of security. When you’re at the pump, these thieves walk or drive up to your car, pop open your passenger door, and swipe whatever belongings are within close proximity. Already, a number of purses and wallets have been reported stolen. What’s even scarier, though, is the fact that these items are often stolen long before victims know they have been robbed.


Video surveillance has been a key factor in the discovery of this new trend. If you own a gas station, it’s essential that you have a video surveillance system. These systems can help identify new crime trends like this and also assist in other types of crime prevention. As a driver, it’s important that you be aware of gas station security technology. When filling up, try to visit a gas station with a video surveillance system.

In addition to being mindful of this video surveillance system factor, you should also lock your doors when filling up at the pump and be on the lookout for any offenders. This new awareness should help protect you from becoming subject to this type of thievery and protect you from other crimes, too.

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