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Upgrading Your Building’s A/C System

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Most people know firsthand, offices are always freezing once the weather starts to warm up. Now that it’s May, businesses need to decide whether their buildings will be comfortable come June and July. The obvious solution to keeping the building cool is to crank up the A/C but this only makes employees and visitors just as uncomfortable as a hot office.

Invest in a Better System

Though this is a rapidly changing technological society, many buildings still don’t have centrally control heating and cooling. To cut down on the overall costs to operate and manage a building, it might be worth it for your business to install a more energy efficient system.

Current Energy Inefficiency

The design of A/C systems setup before the advent of the current, more energy efficient ones are set to a default/automated response system to cool air. When outside temperatures reach a certain degree, the A/C flips on, and that cool, preset temperature. This was originally designed to save energy but it does the exact opposite, for the unit does not apply a variation of temperatures based on each different room. Ventilation in rooms continues for a set amount of time and the inability to change the A/C settings can create a freeze in some rooms.

New Technology for Better Energy Efficiency

Smart technologies that have changed HVAC systems include the ability to change room temperature through centrally managed A/C systems, are now available. Management of energy through an upgraded system offers more efficient approaches to consistency in individual room temperatures as well as decreasing the amount of wasted energy. Your company might just be able to boast a LEED certification with this simple upgrade.

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