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Understanding Tech: 5 Key Terms You Should Know

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There are plenty of new and old terms getting thrown about technology these days. Every year, new keywords bubble to the surface and, unless you work in or have a special interest in technology, you probably won’t know what the heck people are talking about.

Internet of Things

This isn’t necessarily new, but it isn’t widely understood. As technology develops into almost every conceivable portion of our lives, this become more important. Devices ranging from wearables and health monitors to autos, consumer electronics and integrated buildings connect through the internet to share and sync information.

Information of Everything

The nature of how we can utilize and create devices is far-reaching with that comes the need for information that exceeds text, video or audio. Devices will now produce, use and transmit data to each other and the Information of Everything links and processes that data. The data processing is carried out through local servers or the cloud. It can be utilized for business, analytics and other workplace applications.

Data Mining

The practice of sorting through huge sets of data and to identify patterns and establish relationships in order to understand a product or service.

Net Neutrality

The internet should not be regulated by selectively by providers or government. Everyone should get equal opportunity to it.

Smart Factory/Industry 4.0

Currently the world is in a fourth industrial revolution, only the industry is the merging of IT and manufacturing. Machines and humans are becoming more interconnected, using the Internet of Things and Information of Everything, able to learn together using data to drive performance.

It’s clear that wherever the world is heading, humans and technology will be working together.

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