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Unbelievable Cost Savings of Smart Homes and Automation

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Ever wonder if installing smart home and home automation features is worth the money? You might be surprised at just how much you can save with a few simple changes to your home. Check out the stats below to learn more:


Smart homes and automation technology add up to incredible savings. Over 50% of home energy bills go towards heating and cooling, and smart thermostats can cut 30% off the average energy bill. Lighting control systems contribute towards a 50%-70% savings in energy. Occupancy detection technologies can reduce energy use by 42%

In addition to all that, homeowners with home automation save, on average, 20% on their home insurance.

The combination of monthly energy savings from smart homes and home automation, plus insurance savings, total to an average of $1,154 back into your pocket each year!

Want to Save Money and Reduce Your Energy Usage?

The experts at Automated Control Systems have the experience and knowledge to help you figure out the smart features will work for your home and your life. Call today at (913) 248-8828 to discover the home automation features you’ve been missing out on.

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