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Top Trends in Access Control Systems from 2015

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In the world of building automation technology, new and emerging technologies are always being created and evolving. Each year we see improvements in building management systems in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost. It’s always exciting to see how these technologies develop and grow, especially when we can see how these systems can improve our lives. Access control is one of those technologies that has huge potential to continue to grow. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends for access control systems that we saw in 2015.

Access Control is No Longer Just Security

Traditionally, access control has been all about security. However, more recently access control technology has begun to prove itself invaluable in building management systems. Take the idea of access control systems in a school, for example. While access control in schools is, indeed, useful for school security, many schools have also begun to use access control systems as a way to manage student traffic and help the building flow more smoothly. In this way, access control systems are now being used to track student movement in place of traditional hall passes. That way, building managers can ensure that students are where they need to be in a timely manner.


Wi-Fi is now firmly ingrained in our everyday lives, which means that building automation technology is heading in that direction as well. Many building management companies are developing new ways to integrate Wi-Fi into access control systems in order to make these systems more efficient and compatible with the other technologies that we use every day. Although it is likely that non-wireless technology will still factor into access control systems for some time, there is no doubt that wireless technology is changing the way these systems work.

IT & Access Control

Access control is no longer just about physical security. As we rely more and more on the Internet for communications and storing files and information, access control for our online spaces has been every bit as important as access control for our buildings. Building management and automation companies are recognizing this change and increasingly finding new ways to make the virtual world more secure with new access control technologies.

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