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Top Smart Building Myths & Why They’re Wrong

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As smart buildings become more popular and smart building technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, so does misinformation about the nature and benefits of smart buildings. While people are beginning to learn more about smart buildings as they are thrust into the public eye by the media and advances in technology, many people still do not have all the facts when it comes to smart buildings. That’s why we are here to debunk some common smart building myths:

Smart Buildings are Way Too Expensive to Implement

While it is true that investing in smart building management systems has an initial cost that is not cheap, this myth disregards the long-term cost of smart buildings. In fact, smart building systems help buildings become more efficient, and can save thousands of dollars over time due to lowered energy costs. Smart buildings implement systems like automated lighting and HVAC systems that take away the human error of manual operation, which makes buildings more energy efficient than ever before.

“Smart Building” is Synonymous to “Green Building”

It is true that smart buildings and green buildings have similarities. However, the two are not synonymous. Smart buildings are all about using advanced technology to make buildings more manageable and more efficient. Smart buildings commonly implement automated lighting and HVAC systems, as well as building management and access control systems. Smart buildings, on the other hand, , the two terms are not interchangeable. Smart building management systems use technology to help building owners use their resources — particularly energy — most efficiently. Green buildings are designed to be good for the planet in several ways, not just including energy efficiency.

Old Buildings Can’t be Smart Buildings

Both old and new buildings can be smart buildings. Many new buildings are built with smart building technology from the start because of the benefits for building management and energy efficiency. However, it is just as possible to implement these technologies into older buildings while doing renovations!

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