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Top Smart Building Features Every Hospital Needs

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In an effort to improve patient experience, hospitals around the country are adopting smart building features. From patient portals to check-in kiosks, technology seeks to improve the speed, safety, and quality of care people receive when visiting or being hospitalized. Gone are the days where a pot of coffee and TV kept patients happy while waiting to be seen by the doctor. Today’s high-tech medical facilities pull out all stops when it comes to tending to the men, women, and children that come to visit them.

Here are the top smart building features every hospital needs.

  • Exam/Consult Rooms. These innovative spaces reduce lines by making the best use of available space. It’s no longer necessary to remove a patient from a room to provide a consultation. It’s now done in the same space thanks to improved smart building features.
  • Energy Management. A building automation system helps save energy by connecting all mechanical and lighting systems and adjusting based on preferred settings like room occupancy and temperature preferences.
  • Zones of Education. Patients can learn how to use the devices designed to save their lives at the hospital. This allows them to ask questions and voice concerns while in an environment that properly educates and assists them.
  • Telemedicine. Information is now shared in a variety of ways. A top smart building feature is that doctors can deliver news via two-way video, smartphone, and email among other platforms. This makes it easier to speak to patients and their families. Smart building features like this improve communication and overall satisfaction with the hospital and its staff.

Every hospital needs smart building features no matter what size it may be. The newly designed options improve employee and patient experience making operations work more quickly and efficiently than ever before. From allowing patients to access their medical records, billing, and scheduling online to providing them with furniture that allows patients and family to conveniently charge devices while sitting in waiting rooms, there are a lot of noted benefits of smart building features.

ACS of Kansas City can help your hospital facility become more efficient and secure with our smart building and building automation services. Contact us today to learn more.

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