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Top Home Security Tips for Spring Break Trips

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Spring is finally peeking its head out and that means the kids are out on school break, the perfect time for a little vacation to give everyone a little rest and adventure. However, a fun vacation can quickly be ruined when you return home to find a security breach and many valuables missing. Make sure that after you’ve got your hotel booked and the suitcases packed that you make sure your home is secured.

Make It Look Like You’re Home

Nothing says “Break In” like a pile of newspapers in the driveway and closed curtains. Ask a friend or neighbor to come in the morning at night to open and close curtains, turn on a lamp or two, and check to see if everything is good. You can also put your lights and window shades on a timer. If you have pets that need looking after, ask someone to come over to tend to them instead of boarding them as well.

Secure Your Property

Of course, the first step to security is making sure all the doors and windows are locked, including gates and the interior door connecting the garage and house. Remove any spare keys that you keep hidden on the perimeter. Another idea is to clean up your yard and mow it before leaving, that way it won’t look too unattended while you’re away.

Be Careful About Your Social Media

These above security tips are enough to keep a drive-by burglar from breaking in, but criminals are becoming more insidious as social media evolves. If there is someone out there following your social media who has been planning a break-in until you leave, you are out of luck. Consider posting your photos until after you’ve come back and don’t post anything about leaving.

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