Tips For Restaurant Security

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Few businesses see more traffic for more hours than a restaurant so they can present unique security issues. They are vulnerable to accidents (for both patron and employee), theft, and potential safety emergencies.

A combination of high-tech, common sense, and procedural solutions can go a long way toward protecting customers, employees and assets.

Take steps to protect your restaurant.

-Surveillance cameras should be installed both openly as well as obscured. Their obvious presence is a big deterrent to both potential criminals as well as dishonest employees. Exterior lighting and clear exits and windows without blocked views or hiding places can beef up security. Review your security system to reduce false alarms.

-Work in pairs or groups. The most common time for robberies in a restaurant is during opening and closing so never leave an employee alone during these times.

-Know whom you’re hiring. A restaurant will often have a very transient employee population so screening is vital to security. It may be costly or time consuming but background checks and references should always be conducted. Be cautious of who gets a key or better yet install an access control system or keypad locks so you can change the code easily when someone leaves (or is terminated). Don’t forget to change safe combinations.

-Teach safety procedures and make everyone aware of what to do in case of fire, acts of violence or other emergencies and review training periodically. Restaurants are especially vulnerable to fires so educate everyone payday loans on the different types of potential fires. Know and practice evacuations and set a meet-up location so fire or police will know is anyone is left behind.

Owning a restaurant is very hard work but the rewards can be great. Protecting those assets you’ve spent your life and livelihood growing demands attention to detail and perseverance. If you need advice on how to make your restaurant more secure but still customer friendly just give us a call at ACS Smart Buildings.

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