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More and more homebuyers are starting to love the idea of owning a smart home. Only a few years ago smart home features were only on the fringe of buyers’ minds. A recent Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey showed that about 64% of sales associates reported that today’s buyers are more interested in smart home features and technology than  they were just five years agoIt’s also no surprise that younger homebuyers account for the biggest group interested in smart homes. Almost half of sales associates report that Millennials are interested out smart homes, while an even more impressive 57% of Gen X homebuyers are seeking out smart homes. Sales associates estimate that smart home features will be the standard for homebuyers within the next three to seven years. Buyers look for smart home features for several reasons, including functional use, entertainment, and security. The following smart home features are some of the most sought-after in the market today.

Cooking Smarter

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where meals and memories are made. It is no surprise that smart technology kitchen products are one of the top features people look for in their homes today. Smart smart kitchen appliances make a house more functional, so that cooking dinner or doing cleanup no longer seem like a chore. From  refrigerators and dishwashers to cooktops and microwaves, the options are limitless for the many different appliances we use every day. An added benefit is when these smart appliances come with the Energy Star seal of approval and lead to reduced energy costs.

A Cooler Way to Monitor Home Temperature

Today, it’s all about control. Homeowners love being able to control and monitor the home’s functions whenever and wherever. Smart home features allow you to control the temperature settings from a smart phone. Smart HVAC systems help to automate a building’s temperature, room by room, making cooling and heating your home more efficient than ever before. They can be programmed to learn the home’s daily routine and adjust the temperature accordingly. Using sensors to track the usage of the room, these systems can also adjust the temperatures according to how many people are using it at a given time.

Seeing the Light

Automated lighting is the lighting system of the future. Automated lighting systems can work much in the same way as the automated heating and cooling systems. Homeowners can control the lighting in each room even when they are away from home through the use of their smartphones. Smart lighting systems can also learn the habits of the home and only use lighting when necessary, which can translate to huge energy savings. Another great reason to install a smart lighting system is security. When you’re away from home, using lighting is a smart way to deflect potential burglary by tricking criminals into thinking someone is at home.

Locks with a Brain

Smart lock are the next new thing after the explosion of automated cars. Much like the keyless cars, new smart locks for houses use the homeowner’s smart phone as a key fob. Simply by tapping the lock, the house is open. No more lost or copied keys forcing you to change your locks. This sleek and smart new feature is taking off and is sure to become a new selling point for real estate agents.

Smart Features with ACS

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