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The Importance of Increasing Hospital Security

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It doesn’t require a lot of thinking to understand why heightened security measures benefit hospitals. In fact, all you have to do is turn on the news to see why it’s even an issue at all. With workplace violence a concern for many facilities, it only makes sense to take precautionary measures with heightened hospital security to ensure a safe environment for both workers and patients.

Hospital Security is an Ever-Present Concern

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that healthcare workers are at greater risk for violent assault than the general population. In fact, they’re four times more likely to be attacked according to BLS findings. It’s up to hospital administration to make sure that proper safety protocol is followed

Hospital security is among the most important considerations administration has. If employees do not feel safe in their roles, they are less likely to stay with an employer. When hospital workers have confidence in their place of employment, patients benefit. Their satisfaction in the care and services they receive is greater.

Increasing Security for Hospitals

Some ways to increase hospital security include screening employees by administering criminal background checks, monitoring hospital visitors with security cameras and sign in processes, and providing security for parking lots as well as other high traffic areas of the hospital.

When hospital security officers have a personal obligation to the people they are hired to protect and serve, hospital employees feel more confident in the jobs they work. Hospital security involves everyone’s assistance to be successful. If something seems out of place or a person acts uncharacteristically, it’s up to them to alert the proper authorities.

Security officers need to know how to assess the level of danger certain situations present. They need to know how to de-escalate instances before they become grave issues that threaten hospital security. Finding security officers that are friendly but proactive enforcers of security protocol and procedures is a priority for hospital administrators no matter what sized hospital they oversee.

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