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The Importance of HVAC Preventative Maintenance


Part of being a renter, homeowner or business owner is being aware of the potential problems you might face throughout the year. One issue, in particular, is cause for alarm as the HVAC system is what heats and cools your home or place of business. It’s said that the main culprit keeping systems from working optimally is dirt and rust. Just like vehicles, you’ve got to take the proper steps to prevent major mishaps from occurring within you HVAC system.

Why You Need HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC preventative maintenance saves you time and money on costly repairs. It reduces energy bills so you have more money for other business expenses and household necessities. HVAC preventative maintenance ensures that your system works properly and that your family, friends or employees are comfortable with the temperature inside your home or business. It’s part of the responsibility of owning a heating and cooling system.

Here are some ways that you can take HVAC preventative maintenance matters into your own hands:

• Check windows and doors for drafts and leaks.
• Have the evaporator and condenser coils checked and cleaned.
• Check heating units for gas and oil.
• Check the gas pressure making sure it’s neither too high nor too low.
• Make sure all moving parts are properly lubricated before the HVAC preventative maintenance technician leaves.

HVAC preventative maintenance starts with you. Protect your system from damage by checking it and servicing it regularly. It may take some time out of your busy schedule initially but it’ll save you the hassle and expense of having your HVAC system replaced or repaired in the future.

HVAC preventative maintenance helps you and the people around you to breathe easier. It allows you to take advantage of manufacturer’s warranties on parts before they expire. It keeps your utility bills low and makes for a comfortable and safe environment for the men, women, and children you share your home with or workplace with.

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