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The Campus of Things: Universities Improve with Smart Technology

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Most people have heard of the Internet of Things, or IoT, but fewer are familiar with the Campus of Things. A Campus of Things is an extension of the IoT theory. Connectivity pioneers believe that college campuses will benefit from creating a smart campus that includes smart buildings and innovations for students. What would the Campus of Things look like?

Students and the Campus of Things

Smart buildings and greater connectivity can improve the lives of students. On a smart campus, students are able to readily identify empty parking spaces, available meeting rooms and unused computer terminals. These smart buildings and improved connectivity can even help students to determine when a laundry machine is available for use. All of these improvements allow students to use their time more efficiently, which means they have more time to concentrate on their studies.

Better Connectivity in Classes on a Smart Campus

Classes held in smart buildings are already using “clickers,” devices that are IoT enabled through a tablet or cell phone, to immediately assess student comprehension. Professors can change the direction of a lecture on the fly based on what information students are understanding and what needs more explanation.

A Smart Campus Equals Better Security

The Campus of Things will improve student safety. Technology in smart buildings makes it easier to control access by keeping out unauthorized individuals. At the same time, the Campus of Things simplifies the process of getting help in an emergency thanks to superior connectivity. The smart campus protects its students, providing a valuable service to the entire community.

Getting To a Smart Campus

The IoT imagines total connectivity between smart buildings, classrooms, faculty, students and more. Technology that would support a Campus of Things is still in development, but may be closer to reality than most people suspect.

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