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The Advantages Of Automated Buildings

 In Energy Savings

Every penny earned counts. And as energy costs continue to rise you need to be smart about your commercial building. Building automation can go a long way toward keeping your costs down. It can also increase the safety of everyone who comes and goes and keep proprietary interests secure.

Building automation can be structured to virtually any conditions and operating hours. Systems can be incorporated during construction or added to existing structures.

Energy costs can be controlled a number of ways from thermostat automation according to time of day and day of the week to variable comfort levels depending on airflow, specific area location and even air pressure and humidity. Multiple systems can be controlled remotely in case of extreme temperature variables. Utility management systems can manage your energy budgets, and analyze rates for electricity, water, gas and other utilities.

Interior and exterior lighting can be regulated to avoid expenditure on holidays, weekends or even seasonal influences. They can take advantage of natural light, reducing and increasing as the sun moves across the sky.

A number of automation features can ensure the safety of employees, customers or visitors. Access control systems can regulate who enters your building, when and where. Air quality monitors can sense smoke or other harmful gases or even biological agents. Fire alarm systems can notify your entire building money loans or even notify remotely. Surveillance systems also protect both employees and facilities with cameras that can be monitored from multiple locations including the web.

All systems of an automated building can be accessed via computer or other authorized device through dedicated IP address. Notifications may be sent to staff via email, text, calls, alarms, etc.

ACS Smart Buildings can fit your existing building or design a custom system for your new construction to reduce your energy costs and ensure the safety of everyone who uses your building. Call us today to learn more.

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