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Ten Myths About Smart Buildings: Part Two

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In the first installment of Ten Myths About Smart Buildings, we covered five myths, and explained how smart buildings are a viable option for many types of businesses such as schools, hospitals, and retail spaces. Smart buildings have proven to be cost-effective and, like the name implies, smart. In the second installment we will cover the remaining five myths:

More Smart Building Myths

6. Is it Smart or is it Green?

Though smart and green concepts in these buildings overlap, the basic premise of automated buildings is to provide maximum energy efficiency and air quality control. The green premise is based mainly on long-term sustainability concepts.

7. Lack of Interoperability and Compatibility

One myth to dispel about smart buildings is their lack of interoperability with building automation, equipment and controls. With the advent of today’s wireless and remote technologies, smart buildings prove to be highly compatible.

8. Without a Municipal Smart Grid, a Building Isn’t Smart

Connections to the local municipal smart grid were critical in the past. With the advancement in the building management features of smart buildings, this is no longer an obstacle.

9. Too Complicated to Operate

With the advanced system of building management in place, the myth that automated buildings are too complicated to operate is no longer valid.

10. Industrial Facilities or Laboratories Can’t Become Smart Buildings

Whenever advanced technologies are embedded into smart building design, the result is greater use. Today, many industrial facilities and laboratories rely heavily on automated buildings with building management features.

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