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Tech Brings Fans to Smart Stadium Seats

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With it becoming easier and more affordable for fans to watch sports at home, stadium owners have to come up with new technology that will attract fans to live events at their venue. The smart stadiums revolution has been underway for some time now, and the technology that’s being offered helps fans to connect with sports and athletes like never before.

Smart Stadiums Keep Sports Fans Connected

People are so attached to the Internet and social media that they won’t stand for a weak wireless signal. Smart stadiums that provide the technology to ensure a strong signal are more likely to please sports fans. A strong wireless signal, provided by hundreds of access points, allows people to update social media and engage in a wealth of other activities.

Mobile Apps Are Must-Have Technology

Sports teams and venue owners are discovering the value of mobile apps in smart stadiums. Apps have already been developed for many stadiums that help attendees find their seats, locate the nearest bathroom with the shortest lines or gain access to instant replays on their mobile device. Other apps help patrons find parking or decide which route home is likely to be quickest.

Make Point-of-Service a Priority

Sports fans don’t like having to leave their seats for extended periods of time to buy food, a beer or team merchandise. That’s why smart stadiums are focused on offering mobile point-of-service technology. These secure apps allow patrons to order and pay for food or merchandise without ever leaving their seats. Technology can definitely make smart stadiums more convenient and fun.

As more venues across the country become smart stadiums, it’s likely that an increasing number of fans will be excited about watching their favorite teams play live. In fact, technology may revolutionize interaction between sports fans and their teams. To learn more about smart building technology, contact ACS for a free consultation by calling (913) 248-8828, or contact us via our online form.

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