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Take a Hint From Big Companies – Go Green

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It can be tough to decide whether to make the investment in a green business model. You know you want to run more efficiently, use clean and renewable energy and save the planet (isn’t that what we all want?) The only thing stopping you is money. That’s what is all boils down to in the end. some of the best companies in the U.S. run on renewable resources.

What Companies Are Green?


The top five  greenest companies in the world, according to Newsweek 2016,

  1. Hasbro Inc. – 88.10%
  2. Nike Inc. – 81.20%
  3. Hershey Co. – 80.70%
  4. NVIDIA Corp. – 78.80%
  5. Biogen Inc. – 78.70%

Every name on that list is recognizable. This shows the level of dedication that consumers and investors have in green technology.

Tips for Getting There

  • Get shareholders behind the investment, it can help a lot with the cost and they are more likely to recommend other investors if they see how dedicated your company is.
  • Going to renewable power brokers to buy offset credits is another option, this is what PepsiCo headquarters (which went all green in 2007) has done.
  • Start small, you recycle but even if you can’t make the switch to renewable energy you can installed an automated system to cut overall energy costs.
  • Plants around the office will offset VOCs and CO2 emissions, which helps both your workers and the Earth.

If your company has the ability and interest to merge or work with new companies that are already based on renewable energy sources, this would be a great opportunity to expand. You can generate a lot of interest in your business as well as new investors when you announce that kind of partnership.

To learn about green building or for information about building automation, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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