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Surveillance for Small Business & Franchises

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There are plenty of dangers lurking around every corner for small businesses and franchises, including threats to and from employees. Installing a security surveillance system will certainly reduce any plausible threats.

Reducing Theft

This is probably the most obvious reason for your business to invest in a surveillance system. Protecting inventory, cash and even your intellectual property is the utmost importance in any business. A surveillance system can help not only to catch an unknown thief or employee theft, but an employee stealing your intellectual property (i.e. files from your computer, notes written down, conversations between you and the employee).

Improving Operations

You’ll learn a lot about yours and your employees’ habits through surveillance. You might be wondering where there is more meals going out than there is money coming into your restaurant, a quick look at the video shows your employee giving their friends a free meal every week. It will also keep tabs on how long breaks really are, whether there are business operations that aren’t going as smoothly as they should be or too many people working at once.

Reduce Incidents

Having a reference is valuable during any lawsuit that might be filed for injury claims, sexual harassment or other violence. Employees who know they are being watched could be less likely to engage in bad behavior as well. Not only can the surveillance help in court, but in turn will also save your business a lot of money it can’t afford to lose.

Some studies have shown that employees might suffer more anxiety, depression or stress if they know they are being watched however, if you talk to your employees about their concerns then this stress could be somewhat mitigated.

To learn about surveillance or for more information about smart technology, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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