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Surveillance Cameras and Sporting Events: What You Need to Know

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With security technology now permeating our lives more than ever before, surveillance cameras are no longer limited to high-risk locations such as banks, prisons and government buildings. They can now be found almost everywhere, including at sporting events.

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras at Sporting Events


While sporting events aren’t necessarily known for being popular criminal destinations, there are still several benefits to using surveillance cameras at sporting events that are worth considering.

1. Security guards can use them to quickly find and settle any disruptions or fights that break out in the stands.

2. When placed in empty hallways and near restrooms, they can be used to deter kidnappings and other criminal activities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

3. If a fan throws something at a player, police have all the evidence and information they need for court proceedings right on tape.

4. Large crowds make popular targets for terrorists. Cameras help catch would-be criminals before they have a chance to act.

5. Surveillance cameras can also be used to help with crowd control as masses of people are quickly entering and exiting the arena.

Tips for Using Surveillance Cameras at Your Sporting Events

Of course, your surveillance camera is only going to be effective if you use it properly. Here are five tips to help you get the information you need.

1. Place cameras carefully. You not only want to be able to see as much of the crowd as possible, but secluded hallways and parking garages as well.

2. Choose surveillance cameras with remote control movement so you can zoom, turn and tilt the camera angle as needed.

3. Store the camera feed securely so it cannot be tampered with. Also make sure the feed is saved so it can be watched again later if needed.

4. Keep the cameras and all equipment out of reach to deter acts of vandalism.

5. Post signs alerting people of the surveillance cameras to reduce the crime risk and to honor their privacy.

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