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Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

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With summertime approaching fast, HVAC systems work hard to keep up with cooling demands. Air conditioning working hard 24 hours a day increases strain and can contribute to the whole thing breaking down. The last thing you want on a sweltering hot day is the AC to go out. Taking the time to follow some of these summer HVAC maintenance tips will keep it running efficiently no matter how hot it gets.

HVAC Maintenance Tips – Keep the Air Flowing Free

Most of the do-it-yourself HVAC maintenance tips have to do with ensuring proper air flow to the air conditioning unit and throughout the house. Clear away debris and overgrown plants from around the exterior AC box and make sure the air can get into it unobstructed.

Change the air filter in the AC unit before you start using it. This not only keeps the system from straining to maintain proper air flow but also improves the quality of the air in your home.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for a Professional

While a handy homeowner can tackle many HVAC maintenance tips at the beginning of the summer, some are better handled by a knowledgeable professional. These include inspection and repair of all internal parts throughout the whole system. Connections should be tightened, all moving parts should be lubricated and the condensation drain should be cleared.

These HVAC maintenance tips for summer will not only keep you cool but also give you peace of mind that you have done everything to reduce the chance of breakage and expensive repairs down the road. As long as you clean the filter regularly, check the system for any signs of damage or debris and keep a comfortable indoor temperature, your HVAC unit will keep working well for you all summer.

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