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Sofia Vergara’s Smart Home

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Modern Family” actress Sofia Vergara is one smart cookie. She’s proven it time and time again. As a founding member of Latin World Entertainment, she sees the value in technology. In fact, she’s designing a new home that’s controlled by her smartphone.

Technology in One Place

In an attempt to make life easier, Vergara has a smart building in mind that allows her to connect with her 7 million Twitter followers, Skype with her son, watch movies, and feel secure. Her home will include security cameras and monitoring systems controlled through the Internet.Many celebrities feel the same way. They see the advantages of smart buildings. Businesses around the world are stepping up technology in hopes of increasing efficiency, productivity, and overall customer and employee satisfaction. It’s this type of modern thinking that has the “Modern Family” actress excited.

Live Smarter, Not Harder

Vergara doesn’t claim to be tech-savvy. The motivation for a smart building is laziness. She doesn’t want to wait for things to open. She doesn’t want to use ten different devices to watch a movie. She doesn’t want to read instructions. She’s an actress with far more important things to do. A smart building made sense to her.
A smart building that recognizes its owner is something Vergara dreams about. She loves the idea of automatic sprinklers and a temperature gauge that activates the Jacuzzi. She even wants a smart gym that monitors her activity level, body fat, and muscle mass.

Vergara Is a Social Butterfly

She loves Apple projects and social media apps. Her favorite is Instagram. She uses it to connect to her family members and fans. She also loves WhatsApp. She chats with her family via her smartphone and tablet. A smart building that incorporates her favorite apps is ideal.

The Future Is Now

Smart buildings are all the rage. More people fall in love with Jetson-style living each and every day. Vergara wants vending machines that dispense home cooked meals in her kitchen. It’s one more reason to love her. Who argues with that type of logic?
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