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Smart Technologies Make Hospitals Safer

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Smart technologies serve to make facilities safer and more efficient, and hospitals are no exception. In recent years, hospitals — thought to be an otherwise safe and secure place — have seen a serious rise in crime. Although this is a bit worrisome, there is a simple solution to this ongoing problem. Smart technologies. In an effort to truly understand why these services have the potential to be so effective, it is important to grasp why there is such a need for these smart technologies.

Rise in Crime

If you have not heard about the rise in crime at hospital facilities, it is important that you are aware of what a problem it has become. So, just how much has crime risen? “The 2012 Crime and Security Trends Survey, which was underwritten by the Foundation of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) and based on online responses from 208 member healthcare organizations, found that the number of crimes increased by nearly 37 percent in just two years from just under 15,000 in 2010 to more than 20,500 in 2012,” reported a security authority. That is a pretty significant increase, and to make matters worse, these aren’t just petty crimes.

Rape, vandalism, theft, and physical and sexual assault are all events that resulted in this increase of hospital crime. Hospitals are a place that you go to get better, not injured. Despite this, these incidents continue to occur. They don’t have to, though.

Smart Technologies

Although there has been an increase in hospital crimes in recent years, there have also been a number of new smart technologies developed. Used properly, these services can greatly increase hospital security and safety.

Patient Protection

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Integrating more updated smart technologies would enable these facilities to make sure their patients are more safe and secure. Something as simple as real-time video surveillance can help prevent crimes from being committed against patients. Having this data available would also be helpful in catching previous perpetrators and seeing that justice prevails. “In addition, integration with real-time location systems (RTLS) can help hospitals keep track of elderly patients, prevent infant abduction, keep an eye on visitors, and track hospital equipment and medications,” reported a security expert. When patients come to hospitals, they expect good service. Because of this, it is important that hospitals stay up-to-date on the latest smart technologies.

Employee Safety

In high-stress environments like an emergency room, emotions can take over and situations can escalate in the matter of seconds. If your staff is ever in this type of situation, it is crucial that they have the tools they need to contact security and handle the crisis properly. Panic buttons and constant contact systems that link security with hospital personnel are extremely helpful in potentially dangerous circumstances or security breaches.

The scenarios provided are just a few areas where smart technologies can make a difference in hospital security. When it comes to the safety of your patients and staff, there shouldn’t be any shortcuts taken. At ACS, we are dedicated to improving the safety and security of hospital facilities everywhere.

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