Acs Smart Buildings

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Smart Building Services for Modern Businesses

ACS (Automated Control Systems) has been a leading smart building services provider in the Kansas City area for more than 25 years. Smart services and building management systems focus on maintaining secure, healthy and comfortable environments at home or at work. Decades ago, we were at the cutting edge of automated smart building and home technology. We helped our forward thinking clients with basic electronic systems and building services.

Today’s new technology means everyone can have the efficiency, comfort, savings and overall benefits of automated smart building services in their homes and workplaces. No one matches our experience or expertise in building security and technology-based building management systems.  Our team specializes in figuring out how to make buildings work better and systems work together. Our goal is to help our clients achieve better energy efficiency, improved communication and control, and to reduce operational costs.

Building Management System Services

In any commercial or public building, security and comfort are the top priorities. Secure and comfortable employees are more productive. Occupants who feel safe in a building with proper temperatures and lighting are more likely to have a positive experience. We offer a suite of service products in an effective building management system that will keep your building running. From HVAC service calls and installations to smart building consulting, contact ACS.

Service Calls

We do repairs, maintenance and installs of all smart products and HVAC systems – regardless of if we installed the current building management system. We can service all makes and models.

Smart Building Consulting

See what it would take to transition your building into a smart building with our state-of-the-art building management system technologies.


Don’t get caught off guard. We will visually inspect and test your building’s systems and let you know about any concerns that may have you out of compliance with building and safety codes.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to save money and extend the life of your HVAC system is through regular preventive maintenance of your building management system.

Worry Free Solutions/Global Solution

Our annual building maintenance agreement guarantees your yearly cost of maintenance, repairs and replacements. You can budget accordingly without the worry of unexpected emergencies or breakdowns in your building technology. It saves you money and down time.

We have the means to provide any smart services you could need for your building management system. Call ACS Smart Buildings today to speak to one of our smart services experts.

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