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Smart Security Camera Systems

Smart Cameras protect your business, property, and loved ones with cutting edge technology designed to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Smart Indoor/Outdoor Camera Systems

Smart Cameras have built in AI that when combined with your policies and needs is the best detection system for your business or home. The processing system allows for automated awareness for hundreds of meters, day or night. With your parameters and the AI analytical system intruder detection is early, accurate, and sends trusted alerts of intruder break-ins. 

Smart cameras are the most accurate, reliable, and innovative system on the market today to provide no nonsense alerts and footage. Thermal analytics in smart cameras allow the system to automatically process heat sensors to provide quick situational assessments in real time. All of these features are designed to provide you the best system possible to protect your assets, property, and people. 

Why Choose ACS for your Smart Camera System?

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