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Small Business Owners: Make Life Easier with an Access Control System

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Are you still making copies of keys for new employees and scrambling to collect keys from past employees? In the world of small business, using standard metal keys is not only a hassle, but it is a distraction and a waste of time.

Electronic locks enable you and your employees to handle access with little time and no stress. Switching to an access control system offers you a hassle-free way to manage your property.

An access control system is more than an alternative to a traditional key and lock system. With this system, you can monitor how employees access different rooms and areas, keep people out, and manage lost keys easily. Life is easier with an access control system. Here’s why:

Don’t worry about lost keys or past employees:

With electronic key and lock systems, you can easily add new keys when you hire a new employee. The same goes when a staff member leaves your business- don’t worry about asking for the key or worrying that he or she still has access to your property. You can remotely disable the employee’s key card and be sure that access is not possible.

Limit access to different areas:

Access control lets you install and manage electronic access points to multiple rooms and areas. For example, you may wish to allow access to the server room to only a few select employees. Doing this with a standard key system is difficult. With access control, you can manipulate who can enter specific areas of your store or facility. You may have several sensitive areas that need limited access.


Time limits:

Small business owners can’t be around at all times. There are certain rooms of your business that only need to be used at certain times of the day. Make sure employees follow these policies by setting time-controlled access. This feature lets you lock doors at a set time.

Track Access:

Each employee’s access card will link it to him or her. So, you can track how each employee moves about through various doors and entry points. This makes your job easier- see how employees comply with company policy by checking the time they enter and exit the property. You can even integrate the system with a timekeeping system.

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