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Six Energy Management Tips For Schools

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The recent recession has hit everyone hard, and schools are no exception. As a result, today’s schools need to focus on energy management more than ever so that they have more money to put towards expenses such as highly qualified teachers, instructional materials, building upgrades and newer technology. While energy management may sound complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Here are six simple energy management tips schools can use today.


Energy Management Tip #1: Turn Off Electronics When Not In Use

Help everyone to get into the habit of turning off lights and electronics as much as possible. Have teachers make sure all computers are powered down before leaving for the evening or weekend.

Energy Management Tip #2: Control Lights with Motion Detectors

Hallways, classrooms and bathrooms only need to be lit when people are using them. Control lights with motion detectors, and they will only light when people need them.

Energy Management Tip #3: Use Programmable Thermostats

Likewise, rooms only need to be a comfortable temperature when there are people using them. Use a programmable thermostat and let the temperature rise or fall over night while no one is around.

Energy Management Tip #4: Adjust Computer Settings

Computers waste a lot of energy when not in use. Adjust the settings so they go into sleep mode after a certain amount of time. Have students manually turn off the monitors when done as well.

Energy Management Tip #5: Use Windows Wisely

Opening and closing windows and blinds can be a great way to quickly and easily heat or cool a room. Instruct teachers to open blinds on cold, sunny days and close them on warm, sunny days.

Energy Management Tip #6: Check for Blocks and Leaks

The best energy management system is destined to fail if your heating or air conditioning is blocked by furniture or if your building is full of leaks. Take measures to make sure the air flows only where it is supposed to.

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