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Security Tips for Your Home While You’re On Vacation

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Summertime is the season when many families head out for a vacation adventure. The happy time can be ruined the instant you get home and find a window or door broken and your valuables missing. Before you book a flight or load the suitcases in the car, study these home security tips and put them into practice.

Home Security Tips – Keep the House Looking Lived In

Closed curtains, no lights, overgrown lawn and newspapers piling up are all welcome signs to burglars. The best home security tips to follow while you are on vacation have to do with making the house look active. Get a friend or neighbor to stop by every day, pick up the newspaper and mail and make sure everything is fine.

Other options to help make the house look lived in include putting the lights on a timer, stopping your mail delivery until you get back and hiring a one-time lawn care company.

Home Security Tips – Securing the Property

Everyone should lock their doors and windows when they go away on vacation, but there are other security measures that can be taken as well. Make sure to lock the door between the garage and the house. If you keep a spare key under the front mat or in a fake rock, take that away before you leave.

All of these home security tips can help keep drive-by burglars from targeting your home, but these bad guys use more sophisticated methods for determining which house is empty these days. All the home security tips in the world will not help you if you post publicly on social media about your two weeks away. It is practically an invitation.

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