Acs Smart Buildings

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Commercial & Residential Building Security Systems

At ACS, we don’t just make buildings smarter; we also make them safer. Our automated control system and building security experts install security systems for commercial and residential properties throughout Overland Park and the Greater Kansas City area. We use one of the premier security systems in the country to equip each property with automated control systems and security features that quickly report and prevent break-ins. ACS designs and installs easy-to-use security systems to guard each entry point into your building or residence.

Commercial Building Security Systems

Smart building technology streamlines all building automation systems into one main control center, which includes building security systems. Building automation enables you to effectively guard your building and quickly notifies you in the event of burglary or intrusion. When designing security systems, we first identify all zones that need to be protected. Next, we recommend the right hardware that will keep your building safe, from laser lights to motion detectors. We’ll also identify how access control will work with your system and get the network in sync with all other building automation systems and security systems in the building. We can install security systems using existing hardware or new systems in buildings not yet set up for burglar detection.

Residential Security Systems

If you want to guard your home from theft, trust ACS. Because of our vast experience in integrating complex building automation systems for enterprise and commercial properties, we’re skilled at fortifying residences with outstanding building security systems. Our smart products are designed to optimize the safety of your home. We’ll not only install the security systems, but we’ll also ensure it’s networked properly and set up correctly so that it works seamlessly in the event of an emergency.

Expert Residential Security Systems Team

Our experience in smart buildings and security systems installation extends to smart homes. If you have a home automation system that regulates your temperature, lighting, and other home technologies, we can easily integrate security systems in your Kansas City-area home. Many of our residential customers enjoy our extensive knowledge of cabling and security integration that allows them to integrate new products without having to replace existing security systems and building automation systems.

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