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Seal Up Your Building for Cold Weather Energy Savings

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Now that the weather is cooling down, we are going to start feeling that bite in the air that means winter is coming before we even know where fall went. Take the time now to get your building ready for cold weather.

Find Drafts and Air Leaks in Your Home

If you remember where you experienced drafts during the winter last year or have already begun experiencing them again, make note of where they are. A qualified technician can perform an energy assessment to find less obvious leaks, but you can start the process yourself, too.

Inspect the Exterior of Your Building

Walk around your building and check all the corners, the outdoor water lines, the place where siding meets the chimney if you have one, and areas where the foundation meets siding or exterior brick. Also check the condition of your siding and window and door trim. If you spot any issues, make note of them.

Inspect the Interior of Your Building

There are a lot more places to check inside your building than outside, but it’s still necessary to do so. Common problem areas include electrical outlets and switchplates; door and window frames and weather stripping; pipe and data line entrances; baseboards; fireplace dampers; attic hatches; wall- or window-mounted air conditioning units; and vents and fans. You’re basically looking for gaps, where things should seal completely but don’t. You can also use the candle test if you suspect a place but can’t see a draft opening: set a candle in front of where the suspected draft is coming through — if the flame flickers, you’ve got an air leak

Create Tight Weather Seals for Cold Weather

Most weather seals can be created by caulking or weatherstripping, but it’s never a bad idea to consult the pros, like those at ACS. We use the latest and greenest technology to make your building work more efficiently to save you time, energy and money. Visit our website or give us a call at 888-265-2773.

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