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School Automation: Commitment to Safety & Savings

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These days, school funding doesn’t seem to be the top priority. That doesn’t only mean cuts to spending on learning materials and teachers, but security as well. At the same time, the violence in American schools is at the forefront of parents’ minds. Automated schools create the best security options for students and staff, as well as saving money with controlled HVAC.

Overall Benefits of Automation

As well as all the security benefits, HVAC services and energy management are extremely important because that’s where the real money savings are. Regulating temperature throughout the school will keep everyone comfortable and doing their best, it’s a challenge to learn or teach when you’re dripping sweat or freezing cold.

Automation also keeps things running smoothly from one control panel, meaning you can control multiple buildings or an entire school system, from one site. Having an entire school system running out of one control panel isn’t just more simple, it allows school officials to examine budgets more easily.

Video & Mobile Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most essential and necessary parts of any security system. Now more than ever, knowing what is going on inside and outside of your school is paramount. Mobile surveillance reduces liability on buses in the event of an incident, school officials can easily review footage to determine the proper discipline.

Security System & Access Control

Alarm systems are a great resource for preventing theft and pranks by students, as well as very serious problems like break-ins and unknown visitors. For student safety, time is of the essence because the quicker the school can be secured the better.

Your access control point will house everything, the person who controls the panel controls the school. The most important part from a security standpoint are the programmed locks. They can be set on a timer to turn on and off at certain times of the day, as well as individually control one door for approved visitors.

Investing in a fully automated school or school system is a commitment to the best security and safety for students and faculty, as well as ease of mind for parents.

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