Acs Smart Buildings

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Retail Store Building Automation & Management Systems

Imagine walking up to your retail store and having the door unlock itself, as if it knew you were there. As you enter the store, the lights suddenly come on and the HVAC gets to work, making sure the building is set at a comfortable temperature for shoppers. These are just some of the benefits that getting an integrated building management system for retail stores can do. Learn more about what our smart buildings can do for you.

Building Automation | Retail Stores

Building automation systems for your retail store can make life easier. As a store manager, you can focus more on your inventory and meeting customer demands. Building management systems in a retail store regulate settings, such as the lights and temperature, so the building practically adjusts itself.

Energy Management | Retail Stores

Owners of retail stores have little time and money to waste when it comes to energy costs and operating budgets. Building management systems installed by ACS help owners of retail stores conserve energy, especially when areas are not in use. We can create building automation settings that automatically dim lights or adjust the temperature based on the time of day or occupancy. Anything from the restroom to the storage facility and warehouse can be automated so that energy is consumed only when needed.

HVAC Services | Retail Stores

A dependable HVAC system is critical for retail clients. Not only do customers want to be comfortable while shopping, some merchandise is also dependent on reliable heating and cooling. ACS works with you to ensure dressing rooms, lobbies and other areas of your store are always set at a comfortable temperature. ACS will manage and maintain your retail store’s HVAC system. We offer an HVAC maintenance program that enables you to always keep your building automation system properly maintained to prevent failure and loss.

Video Surveillance | Retail Stores

When your business depends on transactions in order to survive, it’s critical that you properly survey and guard your merchandise with proper access control and security systems. ACS installs state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment that lets you monitor any area of your store. We’ve assisted owners of retail stores with installing proper video surveillance security systems in areas such as dressing rooms, drive-thrus, employee work areas and cashier desks. A 360-view allows you to see every inch of your store and avoid blind spots. Videos don’t only give you a way to trace and identify any individuals who may have stolen goods – but they actually act as a deterrent to prevent theft and loss.

Access Control | Retail Stores

Access control allows you to determine who has access to certain areas of your store and the times they are allowed to enter. You may issue each employee a card and program it to only allow access at certain times. Access control software will also give you a record of when access was granted and to whom. Employers use access control to secure their buildings. In the event a card is lost, it can be deactivated and employees issued a new card. This prevents re-keying fees and adds another layer of security to your business.

Fire Systems | Retail Stores

Protect your inventory! A proper fire system is essential in ensuring your retail store and warehouse stay safe. Fire systems protect one of your most valuable assets – your merchandise. ACS can install fire systems for your retail store. We will install everything you need to be notified of a fire, contain the fire and contact emergency help quickly. We also perform yearly inspections that are required for all public buildings. Contact ACS to perform your fire system inspection.

Security Systems | Retail Store

ACS can install the security systems you need to prevent theft at your retail location. From reliable and fast-acting burglar alarms to safes, we can help you reduce loss and build in the safety you need in the event of a burglary. For businesses that are a likely target for theft (such as financial institutions) we also integrate panic buttons, silent panic alarms and time-drop safes to ensure employees have the tools they need to get help and stay calm. Let ACS design a unique alarm system for you.

Intercom | Retail Store

Announcing the blue light specials aren’t the only reason retail store locations may need an intercom. Overhead intercom systems are used by many retail clients to communicate with staff working all throughout a store. Intercoms don’t only help you quickly communicate but they can also help you offer better customer service to shoppers.

Mass Notification | Retail Store

Mass notification by ACS will allow you to know what is happening in your store without having to be there 24/7. You can know what’s going on as far as the temperature, who’s entering and exiting with access control cards, if there are any security breaches, and more. Run your store from wherever you are by staying connected with mass notification tools from ACS smart buildings.

Time Tracking | Retail Stores

Many retail stores require employees to “clock in” and “clock out” for accountability and time management. ACS supplies retail stores with time tracking software that is sophisticated and easily managed, reviewed and reported.

Structured Cabling | Retail Stores

If you need wiring set up throughout your retail store, call ACS. From coffee shops to consignment venues, many retail stores need some type of structured cable. Our experienced team at ACS can lay cable for your internet and phone lines. Whether you want a sound system throughout the store or a credit card machine at your register, ACS can run all of the wiring you need for your ideal retail store.

Call ACS today at (913) 248-8828 in the Leawood and Kansas City area to learn more about our building automation and integrated building management systems for your retail store.

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