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Reducing Losses From Retail Theft

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If youre a retailer, big or small, theft can be a thorn in your profits side. Security precautions can be taken that involve both employee training as well as use of technology to reduce losses from theft.


Start with your employees.


There are signs employees can look for that may indicate a customer has theft in mind.


  • Avoiding eye contact with employees.
  • Appearing nervous or excited.
  • Wandering the store without buying anything.
  • Leaving the store but then returning repeatedly.
  • Constantly keeping an eye on store employees and other customers or observing security guards.
  • Leaving during employee shift changes.


Train your employees about what to do in case they do see a theft.


  • If they detect a theft, call security or a manager, don’t confront anyone, make accusations or attempt to physically stop a shoplifter.
  • Diffuse the situation by giving them a chance to pay for the item.
  • Pay close attention to their actions in case an arrest is made and a court appearance is necessary.


Technology can also play a critical role in reducing retail theft.


  • Video surveillance both inside and outside the store, especially in less visible areas, will not only detect any after hours break-ins but can also deter in-store theft. Some video systems can also be accessed remotely.
  • Alarm systems can prevent break-ins and shoplifting.  Security tags on merchandise can trip entrance and exit alarms and window and doors can be protected with alarm systems.
  • Rolling shutters can deter thieves from entering larger, glass front, doors after hours as can fence front protection.

Protecting your store from theft can be a big job but taking the right precautions in both employee training as well as use of technology can go a long way toward reducing loss from theft.

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