Protecting Your Home From Indoor Toxins

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As the US population increasingly moves into cities the levels of pollutants and toxins are rising. But you may not be aware of the pollutants and toxins in your home. There are steps you can take to reduce the harmful things in your home and they are not hard or even expensive.

Carbon monoxide can be lurking in your home.

Stop smoking. Not only is smoking seriously bad for your own it’s also dangerous to those around you. Secondhand smoke kills thousands of people each year, including children and scientists have identified what’s being called thirdhand smoke, the residue that adheres to clothing, furniture and even hair that’s soaked in toxins.

Control dust in your home. Dust doesn’t just aggravate allergies, it can also contain a variety of toxins from tire particles to pesticides to fire retardants present in carpet and furniture. Vacuum regularly with a HEPA filter at least twice a week and be sure to empty the contents after each use. Consider removing carpet and replace with wood, laminate or other material to reduce trapped pollutants. Change air filters in your heating and colling system regularly as well.

Carbon monoxide and other toxins can be present in pressed wood furniture and improperly vented HVAC systems so have your system professionally checked to eliminate leaks and make sure your ventilation is working properly.

Have your home tested for leadradon or other toxins. This is especially critical if you have children as these elements can impede brain development and cause other behavioral problems. Lead is present in old paint and radon comes from the natural breakdown of the soil and rock underneath your home.

Avoid pesticide use. This means both inside and outside of your home. Again, this is really important for kids in the home. Asthma, learning disabilities and brain development can be affected by pesticides. Taking simple steps can eliminate the need for pesticides. Don’t leave food out, clean up food residue, wash dishes as they become dirty and seal any entrance points that insects or animals may use to enter the home. Get used to a few weeds, practice organic gardening or lawn care and get rid of the herbicides and pesticides used outside.

Wash your hands. This is a good way comprar viagra to get rid of germs as well as harmful chemicals or toxins. Get your children used to the habit early on to avoid the common colds and flu that can easily spread through school. Toddlers who occupy lots of floor space not only pick up floor dust and dirt but also the chemicals present there so wash their hands frequently as well. Don’t use antibacterial soap as there is increasing evidence that it may make us more resistant to antibiotics.

Just taking a few steps can protect the health of you and your family and even contribute just a little bit to protecting our planet while we’re using it.

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