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Protect your Business with a Video Surveillance System

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Being a business owner can be very gratifying, but usually you are sure to face some obstacles along the way to success. If you are a small business owner, investing in a video surveillance system may be one of the best things you can do for your company. An investment in a video surveillance system is not just dollars spent — it can lead to dollars earned, too. At ACS, we understand the importance of a video surveillance system, and we are here to share the great benefits of this technology.


Sadly, business owners don’t just have to worry about shoplifting from strangers anymore. The statistics are in, and it looks like some employees are guilty of sticking their hands in the cookie jar, too. Just how big of an issue is theft? Well, according to the National Retail Federation, “Businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft.” Over time, employee theft attributes to a lot of dollars lost. So, how can video surveillance help? Posting a visible video surveillance system not only sends a message to employees and customers that you’re watching for theft, but it also helps catch offenders.

Prevention & Protection


Once people know your business has  a video surveillance system, they are far less apt to partake in other harmful activities on the premises. Harassment is a serious problem that businesses regularly face. A video surveillance system is likely to deter crimes from occurring in the first place, and in the event that any harassment does occur, you’re more likely to have an idea of what actually happened.

Burglary & Vandalism

Criminals are less likely to commit crimes against your business if they’re aware of the fact that your business has a video surveillance system. So, when it comes to the placement of your video surveillance system, don’t hesitate to place cameras in highly visible areas. Doing so reaffirms the message that you’re watching for criminal activity.

With less theft and crime at your business, your company is sure to flourish. Video surveillance is paving the road to success for businesses everywhere, and thanks to our services, video surveillance has never been easier. A video surveillance system doesn’t entail sitting in a small room watching grainy, black and white screens. Now, you can surveil your business from the convenience of your smart phone. For more information about ASC’s video surveillancesystems, call us at (913) 248-8828 today.

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