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A fire broke out in a Houston motel on May 31, 2013, killing 4 firefighters and putting 13 people in the hospital. How the fire started is still unknown, but investigators are focusing on the kitchen area for clues.

Fires can break out unexpectedly at any time and in any building, just like the one at the Houston Motel. Protect your business with the proper fire alert system to ensure that you and your employees stay safe during an unexpected, terrifying emergency. 

The System

ACS designs fire systems equipped to handle any stage of a fire emergency. From detecting smoke, to alerting building occupants to evacuate, to notifying emergency personnel, these systems are the top-of-the-line. Our products include:

  • Smoke detectors, push buttons and fire panels

  • Alarm and voice systems like strobe lights and fire panels to alert everyone in the building


  • In case of a fire, our automated systems will automatically open otherwise restricted access points to allow for quick and efficient escape.

  • The system will also automatically turn on lights to illuminate a potential escape route.

Mass Notification

Our mass notification systems are extremely important when working in a building that holds large amounts of people. In case of a fire (or other emergency), the centralized system will send out alerts to let occupants know to evacuate immediately. Our mass notification software communicates not only with building managers and occupants, but also with emergency crews.

What to do if there is a fire

  • Your first priority is to evacuate the building immediately. Even if you do not see or smell smoke, take every alarm seriously.

  • Never use an elevator. Always take the stairs when escaping from the building.

  • If there is visible smoke, stay low where you will be able to breathe better.

  • Do not go back inside once you have evacuated. Always leave rescues up to the fire personnel.


Fires are completely unpredictable, so be prepared. For a reliable and accurate system, contact ACS at (913) 248-8828. We will even come to your building to provide a free consultation, helping you find the most efficient accommodations for your needs.

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