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Preventing a Break-In

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A string of church robberies around the Kansas City area has been leaving some people feeling uneasy. Burglars have targeted a total of 16 churches since late April. Among the stolen items include computers and other electronics, as well as bags full of donations for victims of Moore, Oklahoma’s recent devastating tornado. A few preventative measures could have saved these churches thousands of dollars in damage and stolen goods.

Security Cameras

There have been no arrests in these cases so far. Had the majority of the churches installed security cameras, there could be more leads in the cases. ACS installs HD video surveillance cameras to ensure the clearest picture and best performance. We also use programs that can be accessed remotely through the Internet, smart phones and tablets for viewing footage at any time.

Alarm Systems

One church in Independence was hit twice and unfortunately, the alarm system was turned off the second time. It appeared as though an alarm system did scare off a burglar at yet another church when a window was broken on the ground-floor level. An efficient system can deter crime and help catch any suspects. We can identify all zones that need to be secured, and a building automation system will notify you in case of a break-in.


One church pastor said he was considering installing exterior lights around the building to deter future crime, which is a good idea. A motion-detection lighting system or laser lights are a good way to keep the area lit and visible at night.

Visitor Management

Restrict access during certain times of the day by utilizing a visitor management system. Cards and key fobs, badges, clock in systems, pin pads and passwords are all ways in which you can decide who can have access to certain sections of the building during different times.

Utilizing smart building additions is one of the best ways to deter crime. Contact ACS for a free consultation and find how how to secure your business or residence before you experience a break-in.

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