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Prevent Theft in Your Retail Business

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Theft is a blight on retail businesses big and small. Utilizing technology and training your employees is your best defense against theft from the inside and outside.

Signs of a Suspicious Person


  • Avoiding eye contact with employees
  • Appearing nervous or excited
  • Wandering the store without buying anything
  • Leaving the store but then returning repeatedly
  • Constantly keeping an eye on store employees and other customers or observing security guards
  • Leaving during employee shift changes


Train Employees

As an employee, do not confront the person you believe is stealing, call your security or manager. Making accusations or attempting to physically stop the shoplifter might end in them fleeing with your merchandise. Give them the chance to pay for the items. Keep a close eye on their actions in case an arrest is made and a court appearance is needed.

Watch Your Employees

It isn’t just about outside threats to your business. Every year millions of dollars of merchandise and cash are stolen from businesses by employees. Train your employees to really understand what theft does to your business, as well as their paychecks, and the severe consequences that can happen to them if they are caught. If you have reason to suspect an employee ask their supervisor to keep close tabs on the employee.

Use the Available Technology


  • Video surveillance inside and outside the store, especially in odd corners or darker, less visible areas, will deter potential in-store theft as well as an after-hours break-in. A big plus about video surveillance systems these days is that they can also be accessed remotely through a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Alarm systems can prevent break-ins and shoplifting. Security tags on merchandise can trip entrance and exit alarms. Window and doors can be protected with alarms and rolling shutters or gates.


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