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Preparing Your Business for a Fire Inspection

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All businesses are required to comply with an annual fire inspection by the local fire department. Minimize your list of violations before the inspector arrives to ensure your employees stay safe on a daily basis. While the checklist below is not an exhaustive list, it will give you an idea of some things you need to survey when preparing for an inspection.

Update Fire Alarm System

An updated and fully-functional alarm system is imperative to your and your building’s safety. ACS offers automated fire systems with fire panels, emergency buttons, smoke detectors, voice alerts and more. We will always ensure it is working properly to prevent issues with functionality.

Clear Exitways

Make sure all potential exitways are clear of storage and debris. Inspectors will be looking at these as means of escape in the event of a fire, so check to ensure nothing is blocking the doors and pathways. Also double-check the doors to see if they are easy to open and are accessible.

Relocate Combustibles

As a general rule, flammable items must be located within 18 inches below a sprinkler system. Combustibles must also be stored away from flame-producing appliances and in proper containers.

Inquire in Advance

There is nothing wrong with asking in advance what the inspector’s guidelines are. Find out which specific things your fire department will be looking for, and see if they have a checklist they can provide to you beforehand.

No matter how careful you are, a fire can break out at any time. Many employers contact ACSto do a pre-inspection to ensure they are compliant with city codes and safety measures before the official inspection. We will also check on our own services that are implemented in your building like fire and burglar alarms, HVAC systems, access control, video surveillance and more.

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