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New Smart Services Launch and the Internet of Things

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Italian telecommunications company Italtel recently announced the launch of a new collection of smart services involving the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). The company announced that its architecture for e-health, energy management, and infrastructure monitoring will premiere at the 2016 Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress is an opportunity for companies and researchers in the mobile industry to come together to discuss new projects and strategic initiatives in the industry.

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Italtel’s new services aim to cover several key areas in the smart services industry, including energy, structural and environmental monitoring, and smart health, and to apply those services to the growing IoT sector. The goal of these new services and programs is to help companies to enhance efficiency, increase public safety, and improve quality of life. They plan to achieve all this by using cloud computing to collect insightful data about improving efficiencies.

Italtel has also announced a new smart product for the health care industry called DoctorLINK. With this new service they aim to extend patient care beyond the hospital by providing real-time services to improve the outpatient experience and interaction between the patient and the hospital after being released.

Stefano Pileri, the CEO of Italtel, stated that it is important for the company to combine its “experience in network design and real-time communications technology to add value to the IoT market, which promises to completely revolutionize our way of living and working.”

Italtel also has interests invested in other areas of the market, such as in monitoring building power consumption to reduce energy use and expenses.

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