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Netgear’s Wireless, Weatherproof HD Security Camera

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Netgear has launched their Arlo Pro smart camera for home security. Netgear calls it a “wire-free, weatherproof HD camera” and claims that it has a wide 130-degree field of view. This could be a product that changes what we perceive to be CCTV.
The Arlo Pro uses two rechargeable batteries so you can use it inside or outside your home, office, school, etc. The camera doesn’t need a power socket but the option is available.

More Uses Than You Can Count

Netgear’s Arlo Pro has a very unique surveillance camera feature — two-way audio. This means that you can use this camera to talk to people standing near it, this provides another great use as a video doorbell. You can even us it to monitor children from a different room while you’re cooking or doing housework and keep talking to them while you work. Another use could be for the elderly and disabled to receive better in-home care.

Alarm System Built-In

This tech has instant motion alerts and a smart siren to alert you of intruders. The siren is rated at over 100 decibels, which can be an extremely effective deterrent for potential intruders. Its passive motion sensor can detect movement up to 7 meters away from the camera and send an alert to your phone.

Night Vision

The camera is enabled in night vision, this is handy for both day and night images. The camera is capable of providing HD video in pitch black, as it is equipped with RGB-IR night vision technology. It can illuminate a scene evenly and provides crisp details both near and far from the camera.


The companion app now lets you arm/disarm the camera based on your location or schedule. The app is also available on Apple TV and other smart home devices through services such as IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. The Arlo Pro is supposed to get smart motion recognition technology later this year, which will use machine learning algorithms to identify people, cars, animals, and more.

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