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Franchise & National Service | Building Automation

ACS works with franchisees to ensure that your customers receive the same brand experience from store to store. We know the national office expects consistency. That’s why we deliver building automation services for your business locations — no matter where they are. We can assist you in designing plans that meet corporate expectations and make your location safe and smart.

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Building Automation

The goal of a franchise is to offer a consistent, positive customer experience regardless of which store your patrons choose. ACS works with store owners to implement that consistency and maintain a standard plan. We can set up your location’s building automation system with pre-programmed lighting and temperate controls. This lets you spend more time running the business and less time worrying if your employees remembered to turn off the lights or turn down the heat.

Energy Management

Many national chains have a commitment to some type of energy management. Let your franchise participate by working with ACS. We can give you the tools you need such as a building automation system that will allow you to use and waste less energy. Program your building to know when the HVAC unit needs to kick on. Install sensors so that lights go off when an area is unused like a play place or showroom. Install showcase lights that dim when the sun is shining the brightest through the front glass windows. We have many tools to help your franchise save energy and can successfully replicate them for each location.

Building HVAC Systems

We’ve worked with big brands long enough to understand the pressures of working with a national franchise. At ACS, we take the HVAC stress off your plate. We’ll let you worry about reports, sales, marketing and merchandise. We’ll make sure your HVAC unit is running properly and serviced on time. We can serve as a preferred vendor for franchises or a local solution for individual owners who need help with HVAC installs or repairs. We offer service packages and reliable, prompt service calls. We can work on your HVAC unit even if we did not perform the installation.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is important for any business owner who wants to protect the building, its assets and customers. ACS can install video cameras anywhere throughout your business. Common requests from franchises have included drive thru video surveillance, video cameras near kitchens and food prep areas, videos in play places and cameras positioned to watch over merchandise. ACS video systems allow you to have a 360-degree view of everything happening inside and outside of your building. Plus, you can access video and security feeds from a central location and see all locations at all times.

Access Control

Franchises tend to experience high turnover of employees. The outdated system of handing out employee keys has been updated with sophisticated access control software. With a building automation system, you can give employees a card instead of a key. This allows you to easily deactivate the card if employment is terminated. It also keeps your location secure in the event an employee loses the card. Access control allows district managers to use one card to access multiple locations and owners to keep track of who enters which building, and when.

Fire Systems

As the proprietor of a public area, you are required to have a yearly inspection of your fire system. This assessment doesn’t just keep your customers and staff safe — it could also prevent loss in the event of an emergency. ACS can perform routine inspections of your fire systems and sprinklers to ensure you have everything in working order and according to code. ACS can also supply you with all the equipment you need for fire safety and notifications.

Burglar Alarms

One of the top priorities for a franchise should be a reliable alarm system. Unfortunately, “big names” also come with big targets. ACS can help you prevent loss, theft, and damage. We install alarms to protect your building and your customers from burglary. We can also integrate products to reduce employee theft — a consistent problem among franchises and retail stores. You’ll receive immediate notification if there’s ever any problem in your building — through all of the communication methods you prefer.

Mass Notification

You can’t be everywhere at once, but mass notification software from ACS lets you stay plugged in no matter where you go. The building automation system knows the status of a space at all times and is set up to automatically send notifications and warnings if any problems arise. ACS can give you the technology you need to know what’s happening at all of your locations at the same time, no matter where you are.

Time Tracking

Manage your employees well with a sophisticated time tracking system. ACS offers tools that allow employees to easily punch in once they arrive and punch out upon leaving. Our products use the same traditional idea that’s been around for decades, but with new technology that creates even more accuracy, efficiency, and reporting. When time tracking is integrated with your building automation system, your franchises benefit from a convenient, time-saving form of time keeping.

Structured Cabling

Consistency is key for your franchise, even when it comes to cabling. We can design a cabling plan that can be replicated in all of your stores. Working with the professionals at ACS to design and install your cabling can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. We’ll get the right cable installed so that your video, audio, phone, and internet lines all run smoothly and enhance your customer’s experience.

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