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Mobile Video Security

Liability is not always limited to instances that occur on your property, especially if your organization employs vehicles (or fleets of vehicles) during operation. Oft maintain the same level of security on all mobile video systems as you do around your building. ACS can install mobile video systems that allow you to monitor and record footage on all transportation systems.

Mobile Video Security | School Busses

Mobile video security systems for school buses aren’t designed simply to determine if children need a pink slip. Video surveillance for school buses can be beneficial in many ways. Video security systems can:

• Monitor student behavior

• Analyze bus driver performance

• Provide reliable tracking of students who got on and off each bus

• Replay footage in the event of a school bus accident

Mobile Video Security | Public Transportation

Public transportation must be consistently monitored with reliable video systems that offer a clear picture and reliable backup in the event past footage needs to be replayed or shared. Footage may be used by organizations and businesses to identify traffic patterns, or figure out how to improve systems and grow. Mobile video footage may also be requested in the event of an emergency or incident on your property. Mobile video security systems designed for public buses and trains can enhance the security of transportation while providing accurate, reliable records if needed. ACS can integrate mobile video surveillance into your existing controls so that all footage is easily maintained and monitored. Our video surveillance products are known for outstanding HD cameras, streamlined control panels, excellent storage and backup capabilities, secure recording, and easy transmission.

Let ACS integrate your mobile video products into your organization. Call us today in the Kansas City area at (913) 248-8828.

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