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Mobile Banking Security Tips

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How often do you step into the local branch of your bank? With so many alternatives, many choose to manage their money using online and mobile banking. These banking methods are convenient in an increasingly busy world, but there are risks when using sensitive data over the airwaves. Be aware of the security risks and take the following precautions to protect yourself.

Hacker Prevention

To prevent cyber hackers can gain access to your PIN, account details, codes, and credit card details, you must be very careful when using mobile banking. Connecting to public wi-fi is a convenient habit, but you shouldn’t use your phone for banking when using a public network. They are not as secure, so your details could be hacked.

Always use the official mobile app from your bank. This app is encrypted, making it more secure. Cyber hackers develop fake bank apps to try to get information. Never click on a link from an email that seems different than your official bank notices, as they could be fake sites with the goal of stealing your information.

Mobile Sercurity Software

Downloading mobile security software is a good way to protect yourself in case your phone is lost or stolen. This software makes it harder for others to access your information. Most mobile security software allows you to locate, delete data, or backup your phone from a remote location in case it is missing.

Mobile banking is a great option for banking on the go, but beware of the risks associated with it and take steps to prevent losing sensitive information.  Visit our website for more information or give us a call at 888-265-2773.

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